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The European Procurement Forum, Inc (EUPF) is a not for profit organization whose purpose is to facilitate activities that promote UN-Procurement from EU-companies. EUPF has been founded by the EU-trade representatives to the United Nations Offices in New York City.

These EU trade representatives have met since 1996 to promote UN-procurement from EU-companies.

Promotional activities have included:

  • Annual EU UN-procurement reception for UN-buyers and EU-company representatives on the occasion of International Aid & Trade New York, a global trade fair for companies interested in procurement for peacekeeping missions and development projects.
  • Plenary meetings to exchange market information and to invite management from UN-procurement sections for periodic presentations about opportunities in this annual US$17 billion dollar market.
  • Provide assistance to the EU government delegates in the UN’s 5th committee with practical information and advice regarding the meetings on UN-procurement reform.
  • Annual EU UN-Procurement Seminar for EU based companies. During this Seminar participating companies are taught how to do business in the $17 billion UN-Procurement market.
  • Annual EU UN-Procurement Training for Trade Professionals. This Training teaches participating (governmental) organizations how to assist their national/regional companies on how to do business in the $17 billion UN-Procurement market.
  • Nicole Klug
    Nicole KlugPresident, European Procurement Forum

    German American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

    Tel: (212) 974-8853

  • Ana Martínez-Saez
    Ana Martínez-SaezTreasurer, European Procurement Forum

    Permanent Mission of Spain to the UN

    Tel: (212) 661-4959

  • Christophe Morchoine
    Christophe MorchoineMember of the board, European Procurement Forum

    Permanent Mission of France to the UN

    Tel: (212) 702 4984

  • Karel Smékal
    Karel SmékalMember of the board, European Procurement Forum

    Consulate General of the Czech Republic

    Tel: (646) 422 3303

EUPF Seminar 2017

Who should attend

Representatives from EU companies who seek to become long term suppliers to the UN.

What to expect?

Companies seeking to do business with the UN will gain an in-depth understanding of where to find procurement notices, how the tender process works and the type of products that the participating UN organizations procure.

Various interactive workshops will also help companies understand how their products and services can be best promoted to the UN.

The 1-on-1 meetings will allow companies to meet individually with UN organizations. Furthermore, this event serves as an ex-ceptional networking opportunity with other EU companies.

Why you should attend the seminar!

  • Endorsedby major UN procurement organizations & EU Missions in New York.

  • Presentations offering unrivaledinsight of the largest UN organizations, their procurement procedures, projects and activities.

  • Theme-Specific Workshop and group discussionsselected and presented by UN-staff focusing on specific industries

  • Meet directlywith UN buyers, prescribers and decision makers in 1 -on -1 meetings.

  • Invited organizations: UN/PD, UNDP, UNICEF, UNLB, UNOPS, UNDB, UNFPA, and World Bank among others.

  • ExcellentB2B Network opportunities with more than 60 other EU companies.

Registration for the 2017 Seminar is Open

Registration: $975* per person

Limited Number of Registrations
(First Come – First Served)

*Second Company Representative: $775 / PP

Seminar Venue

Instituto Cervantes

New York

211 E 49th St
New York, NY 10017

(212) 308-7720

Register for the 14th Annual EU UN-Procurement Seminar

April 3 – 4, 2017 | Instituto Cervantes | New York City

EUPF Webinars 2017

Overview of the United Nations Procurement Market

January 24, 2017 at 9am (ET)

This presentation will offer an introduction to the UN Procurement Market. Who are the major procurement organizations, what are their mandate and in what kind of procurement does that result? In more detail, UN/PD will discuss its mandate and the specific goods and services that they procure.

Doing Business with the United Nations: Registration as a Vendor

February 7, 2017 at 9am (ET)

This presentation will offer a detailed description of the registration process for the unified vendor database used by all UN organizations, UNGM. It will provide an overview of the registration procedures, disclosure of company information and other requirements.

Doing Business with the United Nations: The Tender Process

February 21, 2017 at 9am (ET)

  • The requisition within the UN-organization 
  • Types of requirements: local/international and RFQ/ITB/RFP 
  • How the UN finds companies 
  • How companies can find/express interest for/bid on the tender 
  • Bid opening & evaluation by the UN 

General Q&A

Endorsed by several UN-procurement organizations & EU-missions in New York, this program will give you the opportunity to learn effectively how to do business in the $17 billion UN-Procurement market and to meet the UN-buyers and decision-makers in 1-on-1 meetings.

Among other presentations, the program offers Theme-Specific Workshops selected and presented by UN- staff focusing on specific industries such as Healthcare, Environmental Technologies, Engineering and Construction, Supply Chain, Air Charter, Peacekeeping, IC&T services, etc.

The event is also an excellent B2B network opportunities with about 60 other EU companies.

The 14th EU-UN Procurement Seminar will be held at the Instituto Cervantes in New York City on April 3 & April 4, 2017.

Based on availability and booking date, special hotel rates may be available for participants in the EUPF 2017.

Please contact us once your registration is complete at: info@eupf.org

In order to be eligible for 1-on-1 meetings with UN Organizations you need to be registered before February 28th, 2017.

If you are not interested in 1-on-1 meetings, you can register until March 31st, 2017.

When you register for the 14th EU-UN Procurement Seminar, you can select the UN organizations you are interested in having meetings with. Then those UN organizations will review your company profile (make sure you have a strong profile!) and decide if they want to have a meeting with you. Their feedback will be available by beginning of March (depending on your registration date).

If your company is not selected by any UN Organization, you will have the option to cancel registration by March 13, 2017 with a full refund minus an administration fee of $75.

If you are selected by one or more UN Organizations, we will schedule your 1-on-1 meetings considering the workshop preferences you selected during the registration process. Planned workshops to date (tbc):

  • Waste Management
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Logistics & Transportation

We will do our best to respect the 3 workshops you want to attend, and will schedule meetings at different times during the 2-day Seminar.

If the country where you are based does not have a country representative, you can contact info@eupf.org for any question or comment.

Please notice that we are not doing sponsorships since we want all participant companies to have equal opportunities and exposure for the same rate.

Register for the 14th Annual EU UN-Procurement Seminar

April 3 – 4, 2017 | Instituto Cervantes | New York City

Testimonials from previous participants

  • A very useful seminar with a good representation of UN staff and hands on Activities.

  • We were able to contact all UN agencies much better and we got also additional contacts to companies which are related to our business.

  • The hands on registration workshop was a very good idea. It enabled the resolution of problems immediately with the UN experts.

  • The information provided during the seminar provides both a good refresher on the procurement processes and procedures at the UN, and often highlights important UN organizational changes and opportunities that aren't readily available elsewhere.


European Procurement Forum

Coordinator of the Seminar

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